Writing a Literature Review

All literature reviews are important when writing essays. This is especially true when writing about social care. Legislation changes all the time and as health care and social care are a real hot potato for politicians, frequent reviews and reports are undertaken.

So what is a literature review? Simple – it is a comprehensive write my literature review study and interpretation that relates to a particular topic. Why is a literature review so important? A literature review makes sense of a body of research and presents you with an analysis of all available literature so that you don’t have to research each one individually – perfect!

How do I search for literature?

Thankfully times have changed and no longer to you have to trudge to the library and wade through hundreds of documents to try to find your evidence. No longer do you have to try to find that one book that supports your argument, only to discover that someone else has ‘borrowed’ it before you got there! In today’s world you can do most of your searching from the comfort of your own home – the Internet! However, electronic searching on its own is usually not sufficient to undertake a comprehensive literature review.

However, before you start there are some practical parameters you should set yourself. It is essential that you identify as much of the literature relevant to your review as possible to help you address your question.


Develop a systematic approach to searching for literature – Without this your searching will be disorganised and random and this will be obvious to the reader.
Exactly what are you trying to find out in your literature review? Be clear about the focus of the literature you are searching for; keep you focussed on the question.

Define inclusion and exclusion criteria – develop criteria that are focussed on the wording of your essay question. Normally you will be looking for primary research.

Decide on your search method – you can search electronically, you can search reference lists, you can hand search through journals or you can contact the author directly. It is entirely up to you which approach you take. Whichever one you choose, ensure you have some sort of back up mechanism in place. Either back up your references on the computer or make a note of them as you go along. It is incredibly frustrating and time consuming to have to retrace your steps and search out references again or not be able to find that one important reference that you found before!


Careers in Pharmacy

Pharmacies generally employ two types of professionals: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. While both are integral to a pharmacy’s performance, they represent two very different approaches to careers in pharmacy. When deciding what career path is right for you, a lot of factors come into play. In this article, we will outline these two careers in pharmacy so you can make the right choice!

Pharmacist- What is It?

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who are in charge of dispensing IntraMax prescription medications to patients. Typically, a pharmacist will fill prescriptions, check interactions of a patient’s prescriptions, instruct patients on proper use of a medication, and oversee pharmacy technician, interns, and various other careers in pharmacy. Many pharmacists own or manage their own pharmacy and are more business minded. Some pharmacists work for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and are involved in the creation of new medications. The median annual wage of pharmacists is very good, punching in at $111,570 in May 2010, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How do I become a Pharmacist?

The path to becoming a pharmacist is unique- while most graduate programs require a bachelor’s degree or four years of undergraduate experience, a Doctor of Pharmacy program requires as little as two, as long as the appropriate prerequisites are met, such as courses in chemistry, anatomy, and biology (although some programs do require a bachelor’s degree). An entrance exam, known as the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), is also required. Most programs will take about four years to complete, and graduates who want a more advanced pharmacist position will complete a one-two year residency program. Many pharmacists who go on to own their own pharmacies will also acquire a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Graduates must also pass two exams detailing pharmacy skills and pharmacy law in order to attain a state license. While this process may seem long, it pays off with one of the most rewarding careers in pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician- What is It?

Pharmacy (or pharmaceutical) technicians help pharmacists dispense prescription medications to patients. They will usually be the ones measuring out prescriptions, compounding medications like ointments, packaging and labeling pharmaceuticals, and performing routine tasks like answering phones and filling forms. The pharmacy technician will work under the supervision of the pharmacist- if the customer has questions about medications or health, the pharmacy technician will arrange for the customer to speak with the pharmacist, as he/she is the more trained of the two careers in pharmacy. Technicians must have great customer service skills, organizational skills, and be detail oriented. The median annual wage of a pharmacy technician was $28,400 in May 2010, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Sick And Tired Of Doing Casinos The Old Way? Read This

One of the great things about planning your own event is that you can choose whatever form of entertainment and fun you want to include. Among the many types of party and event hires to choose from, there are many benefits to having a casino hire at your party. From wedding receptions to many other types of parties, a casino hire is a great form of entertainment!


Raising Money
A huge benefit to allowing a casino hire at your party is that the individual holding the party will be able to fundraise a little bit of money. The individual who sets up a casino hire at their party usually pays a small fee for the equipment, tables, and any other extra services that are include, but any money that is gained from the gambling and poker games is usually kept by the individual holding the party. For example, a bride and groom could hire a casino set up for their wedding reception and retain all the profits that come from the gambling tables! In this way, the casino hire not only provides hours of fun for all of the attendees, but the wedding couple gets some extra money to spend on their honeymoon as well!

Choosing Your Casino Hire
There are usually plenty of options to choose from when getting a casino hire from your party. If the casino hire has a full line of gambling and poker games, the individual should be able to choose from Russian Roulette tables, Blackjack tables, as well as professional poker and gambling tables. In addition, slot machines are always a big hit because they’re very addicting; once a person inserts one quarter they won’t be able to stop! One can also usually choose which casino tables and setups he or she wants, as well as how many of each to get for the party. The price you pay will probably depend on how many casino items you buy as well as how long you’ll need each setup. However, extra fees may be charged if you require employees to operate the casino equipment and poker tables as well.

As far as where one should go in order to hire a casino for their party, there are plenty of organizations that rent out casino equipment just for parties no matter in which country you are living. The United States has many party rental places that offer Las Vegas style casino set ups that are very elaborate and fancy in design; casino rentals are also available in many other places throughout the world, such as the United Kingdom and many other places throughout Europe!